Visitors Information

The Community of Koufonisia welcome you & thank you for choosing Koufonisia for your vacation!

As our islands are characterized by special natural beauty, the Community makes daily efforts to ensure a pleasant stay for both local people and visitors.

Your contribution is valuable in this endeavor!What follows is useful information & tips so that we can all enjoy Koufonisia safely & with respect to the environment!


There is free access to the blue-green beaches of Koufonisia which do not offer organised services.

For your own convenience it is adviseable to carry your own beach equipment, which you must remove upon your departure.

We have decided against building special structures for shading or providing beach services as these alter the traditional character of the island, inhibit the beautiful view for swimmers and reduce available space on small beaches.

Strong waves are likely to occur by ships which sail close by, so it is recommended that you place your personal belongings at least 3m. away from the sea.

Nudism is something not all swimmers find acceptable,therefore, it is important to refrain from it on all the beaches in our area.

There are three small bays in the area of Chondros Kavos (near the area of Harokopou) where our four-legged friends can enjoy their swim undisturbed without creating problems for other swimmers.

Racket ball games should be avoided on busy beaches,since many swimmers consider these to be a very annoying & noisy activity.

You are kindly requested to remove your cigarettes butts when you leave the beach.

Dispose of your rubbish in the bins or bags available in the area.

Water Management

As there is no other way to ensure unlimited fresh water supply, a desalination plant has been built on the island to meet water supply needs. During the months of increased demand,that is, July & August, please avoid unnecessary water consumption, in order to help ensure adequate water supply for everyone.

Vehicles and Traffic

The island being small makes walking around or cycling enjoyable. Alternatively, you can move from place to place by small boats or local buses.

You are kindly requested to use your vehicles as little as possible & observe traffic signs. Within the settlement maximum speed limit is 20km/h, as vehicles create an intense problem to the area.

Park your vehicles exclusively in public or private parking lots. Parking alongside roads & beaches is strictly forbidden and there are regular inspections to ensure this. A fine is given to those who disregard this.

Parking at the port area is allowed only on your departure, while parking is only allowed for commercial/tourist vehicles 30 minutes before & until the arrival of the ship.

Waste Disposal Management

Please dispose of your waste only in the community rubbish bins. Disposal of litter anywhere else is strictly forbidden.

In order to avoid infection outbreaks, no bins have been placed in the main alley of the settlement. Please dispose of your litter in a store bin.

Recyclable material should be carried to the green shed that the community has built in cooperation with Polytechnic School in the area of the tourist port. This is then transported to the Recycling Material Sorting Site in Naxos.

Accident Prevention

Please do not dive into the sea from great heights, as it is very dangerous & there have been very serious cases of accidents in the past.

Do not approach cliffs & rock edges as they are very likely to recede, thus posing a threat for your life.

Landslides & falls of small rocks are a common phenomenon so you should be alert especially on the route of Platia Pounta-Pori, Gala & Xylombatis.

To Inflatable Boat Owners

Please do not approach the coastline or beaches. The minimum approach distance is set, according to regulations, at 200m. on unmarked beaches & at 100m. from the signaling point on marked ones.

Do not park boat trailers on the pier or in public areas (beaches, community open spaces) & do not dock your boats in the small ports / bays of the island as they are intended to accommodate the small boats that transport swimmers and visitors.

Reduce speed greatly when you are near beaches or the coastline.

Do not dispose of waste in the sea.

The tourist shelter of the island is insured, there is staff at your service, mooring, lighting, power & water pillars, WC, showers, WiFi, a recycling hut, trash cans, ramp for raising - launching boats.

Health – Emergencies

Clinic Hours: 10:00-14:00 (24-hour vigilance for significant incidents/ emergencies)

There is a modern Clinic staffed with a doctor & a nurse who are always ready to deal with simple everyday icidents,emergencies & to provide first aid. In case of an emergency which can not be dealt with locally, after the patient’s condition is stabilised he is transferred to the nearest hospital unit that can admit him (in Naxos, Syros or Attica).
Please employ medical staff only in cases of an emergency to help ensure smooth handling of important incidents.

Tel. Clinic: +30 22850 71370

Tel. Doctor: +30 694 5045239

Tel. Nurse: +30 697 3891853

Tel. Pharmacy: +30 22850 74454, +30 694 7929292

Fire Season – Fire Avoidance

The Community of Koufonisia strongly advises citizens to be especially careful and to avoid any activity in the countryside that can cause a fire due to negligence.

It is explicitly forbidden to light a fire in the countryside for any reason.

It is explicitly forbidden to light a fire in the countryside for any reason. You are not allowed to burn dry grass, twigs or cleaning debris, use machinery that cause sparks such as circular saws, welding machines, outdoor grills, smoke bees,dispose of lit cigarettes or anything else that could cause a fire.

If you notice any of the above, please notify the Fire Department immediately by calling 199.