Exotic, enchanting beauty.

Koufonisia and their exotic beaches stand out not only in Greece but all around the world. The beaches are known for their turquoise waters.

In Ano Koufonisi you will find beaches of tropical beauty with golden sand and emerald waters.

Almost all of them are sandy and not very deep. There is no organized beach. 

They are only a short distance one from the other, they are connected by paths and there is easy access to all of them.

Each beach has its own unique color and that makes them all unforgettable.

There are also small boats that sail from the port of the island and take you to the largest beach, Pori.


This is the number one beach for all visitors. The crystal clear waters and the magnificent view of the endless blue predispose allude to something exotic. It is also suitable for water sports fans.


The name comes with a story, the waters are turquoise, the view of the beautiful but also historical Keros just across are all you need to have a unique swimming experience.

Chondros Kavos – Foinikas – Fanos

Three equally beautiful but a little smaller beaches which, however, offer many benefits. The wind doesn;t affect them much ant there are also a restaurant and a cafe.


It is the first beach you see, located near the port. This one offers you the first breeze, the first dive, the first beautiful image of our clear blue waters.