A destination suitable for those looking for a holiday experience on an exotic, authentic and beautiful island.

You will enjoy a summer vacation experience that you will not have anywhere else. The days and nights in Koufonisia go by in a relaxed atmosphere, diving in the turquoise waters and relaxing. The seabed in Koufonisia is full of fish and is of particular interest to divers and fishermen.

Traditional Cobblestone Road

You definitely have to go for a walk there as it is the most picturesque part of our island. This is the “hangout” of all visitors who can also enjoy the traditional local “rakomelo” in the evening in the small cafes along it.

Saint George

He is considered to be the protector of our island who, according to history, had prevented a boat with lepers to approach the port. (feel free to ask locals for inetresting, detailed stories)

Prophet Elias

There are only few sacred stones and the image from the chapel of Prophet Elias and these have remained unchanged for decades.

The folk museum

There is a small folk museum with exhibits narrating the history of our island as this is passsed down from generation to generation. You will see artifacts which belonged to locals and which are a legacy from older generations.


One of the few traditional Carnagias that can still be found in Greece.