Welcome to our magnificent Koufonisi and to our apartments.


Arpistis took its name from the most beautiful and known arts of the Cycladitic civilization known as “arpistis of Keros”. Eidolio forms the most ancient, known until today, music performer. It pictures the form of a man seated on an elegant throne on his back while holding with his right hand a big musical instrument which seems like an harp or a lyre.

Arpistis is a complex of six apartments totally renovated in 2015. The goal of the owners is to secure a nice and comfortable stay. Its distance from Ammos beach is 200m and only 100m from the centre of our village.

The three apartments have a bedroom and a united space with a kitchen which can accommodate 2-3 people. While the other three with an extra bedroom can host your family or your friends. All the apartments have spacious balconies which can host your most pleasant moments.


Enjoy your stay.


Αυλιτής είναι ένα πρώιμο καλλιτέχνημα των Κυκλάδων που βρέθηκε το 1875 σε τάφο στα Ερημονήσια της Κέρου.


Κέρεια λεγότανε στο παρελθόντο ιστορικό αλλά εξίσου πανέμορφο νησί Κέρος.


Κατά τη μυθολογία η θεά Άρτεμις όπως και ο θεός Απόλλωνας ζούσαν στο ιστορικό νησί της Κέρου.


Κατά την ελληνική μυθολογία με το όνομα Αστερία αναφέρεται μία από τις 50 κόρες του Δαναού.


Κατά τη μυθολογία ο Θεός Απόλλωνας όπως και η θεά Άρτεμις ζούσαν στο ιστορικό νησί της Κέρου.


Αγαλματίδιο που βρέθηκε στην Κέρο και απεικονίζει κάποιον που σηκώνει το ποτήρι του και κάνει πρόποση.

Koufonisia: Jamaica of Europe

Koufonisia belong to the complex of the Small Lower Cyclades and they are among Naxos and Amorgos. They are consisted of the upper and the down Koufonisi. They are separated from a water channel with width almost 200m. Keros and other nice small islands are sparely around the principal islands.

Our Restaurant

The mother cooks with biological fresh products which the father cultivates. The son serves you the most delicious traditional dishes of Cyclades.
The family business at Koufonisia, “it is…fos fanari”, flirts with flavors from the Mediterranean and Italian kitchen offering guests a culinary feast with a traditional and Mediterranean delicatessen.