Hiking is an easy activity in Pano Koufonisi since the highest point you can reach is 113m above the sea level. You can walk around it in just three hours enjoying the beauty and serenity of the landscape. There are small sections of paved roads, but you can simply walk all distances.


650 m.

Following the road north of Harokopou beach you will find the path “Kalliari” on your left. Without changing direction you will find the road “village-beach Pori” at a distance of about 650 m.


1000 m.

Following the road north of Harokopou beach you will also find the path “Mandra” on your right. It is a path of about 1000m distance to Pori beach and you also by the west part of the area of “Italida”. There is lush vegetation of spruce and phrygana at some parts along the way.

“Choristaria” to Pori beach

1000 m.

On the road of the village to Pori, before the second uphill,you find the path “Choristaria” on your right. It is about 1000 m. to Pori beach.


550 m.

From Pori beach you can follow the path in the Pori peninsula and at a distance of about 550 m you reach Gala.


2000 m.

Starting from the village if following the road north you pass by the heliport and the gas station and you reach Kladaria.
It is a pleasant route, however, it takes you to the loca garbage collection area. Alternatively, you can choose the path “Limenari”. It begins near the gas station. You can easily find it as it leads to Limenari beach north of the island, which is visible from the hill where the gas station is.
The walk is about 1,500 meters to the gas station and another 550 meters to the beach.

“Agrilia” Path

700 m.

Near the gas station, along the heliport-gas station route, you find the path of Agrilia, approximately 700 m long, which crosses the road village – Pori, at a part of the island where there are stables.

Profitis Elias – Village (via Kladaria)

2500 m.

ΜA route that offers stunning views of half of the island as well as
surrounding islands east, south and west, that is, Amorgos, Keros, Kato Koufonisi, Schinoussa, Iraklia, and Naxos. If there is clear blue sky, you can also see Santorini.
There are two ways to get there or you can follow a circular route to see it all.

From Profitis Ilias you can walk north along a path of about 650 m and you reach Kladaria. Then turning right, at a distance of 2km you reach the village. Alternatively, you can turn back where the small church is. You turn right, the concrete road becomes a dirt road and at a distance of about 1,200 m, you reach the bay of Parianos.
From there, if you keep to the left path,at about 700 m, you reach the village.